The hima jomo

Preserving Himalayan natural and cultural diversity

Established in 2023 in Paris,
the HIMA JOMO ASSOCIATION is the creation of HIMA JOMO.
Its primary mission is to contribute to the preservation of the nature and cultural diversity of the Himalayas by establishing partnerships with charitable organisations operating in the region.


Supporting WWF’s Snow Leopard Preservation Efforts

In line with our unwavering commitment, we have allocated 1% of our sales budget for the years 2022-2023 to support the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in their tireless efforts to safeguard snow leopards in the Himalayas. By joining hands with WWF, we aim to make a meaningful impact in preserving the majestic snow leopards and their precious habitat.

About WWF’s Snow Leopard Preservation Project
WWF has been working for many years to conserve the snow leopard by supporting a range of projects across Central Asia to reduce conflict between leopards and people, boost rural development, and control the illegal wildlife trade.

Snow leopards, iconic species adapted to the Himalayan mountain range, play a vital role in their high-altitude habitat. Found across Bhutan to China, they are apex predators and indicators of ecosystem health. Their well-being impacts other species and the livelihoods of millions relying on rivers originating from these mountains.

Snow leopard habitats provide valuable resources for communities, including sustenance, medicine, grazing, and timber. They also ensure a sustainable water source for millions downstream.

Sadly, the population of wild snow leopards has dwindled to a critical level, with as few as 4,000 individuals remaining in the wild. This decline can be attributed primarily to the loss of their natural habitat, rampant poaching, and the devastating impacts of climate change.

Our Collaboration with Nepal Evergreen: Planting Trees for a Greener Future

To further our commitment to environmental conservation, we have partnered with Nepal Evergreen, a remarkable organisation based in Nepal dedicated to combating deforestation in the Himalayas through tree planting initiatives.

From 2023 – 2024, for every perfume purchase made at HIMA JOMO, the association proudly plants a tree in the Himalayas.  

Introducing Nepal Evergreen: Making a Difference in the Himalayas
Nepal Evergreen is a volunteer-run initiative committed to planting trees and plants in impoverished rural regions of Nepal. The organisation works closely with rural communities in Nepal’s Kinja Valley, focusing on initiatives such as school reconstruction, combating deforestation, and supporting villagers connected to the natural environment.

Nepal, a country facing numerous challenges as one of the world’s least developed nations,
heavily relies on its natural environment for sustenance, shelter, and livelihoods.

By planting trees in rural Nepal, we aim to enhance the well-being and economic opportunities of communities, farms, orchards, and households. Moreover, this endeavour promotes biodiversity, resilience, and the preservation of wildlife habitats, while also contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint associated with tourism.

Tragically, less than 30% of its original forests remain due to extensive deforestation, forest fires, and agricultural practices. This degradation profoundly impacts local communities and threatens the delicate balance of wildlife ecosystems.

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