With the call of nature from the Himalayas and the heritage of French perfumery craftsmanship, HIMA JOMO was born to create a unique trans-regional olfactory dialogue between the primitive and modernity.
HIMA JOMO’s perfumes contain some of the rarest ingredients found exclusively in the mountain range.
They promise a journey to the wilderness and serenity of the Himalayas, enabling everyone to reconnect with the sources of life and rediscover the original sense of well-being by embracing the olfactory richness of this heavenly land.

Established in Paris in 2022, HIMA JOMO unites a diverse team hailing from China, Tibet, Bhutan, India, and France.

Its concept emerged amidst the pandemic, a time when humanity collectively endured an extended period of isolation within the confines of our homes. During this experience, the gap between urban dwellers and the natural world grew wider than ever before, intensifying our yearning for reconnection.

HIMA JOMO promises a journey to the wilderness and purity of the Himalayas, allowing everyone to return to the sources of life and rediscover the original sense of well-being by embracing the olfactory richness of this heavenly land.


The name HIMA JOMO is the combination of two symbols dear to the brand:

HIMA, the sacred abode of snow and the life-giving source for half of the world’s population.
JOMO, the divine goddess safeguarding the majestic snow-capped mountains, and the embodiment of the Joy of Missing Out. 

This profound philosophy lies at the very core of the brand’s essence. HIMA JOMO encourages individuals in modern society to embrace the profound bliss of disconnecting from the external world while remaining content and fulfilled.

This philosophy mirrors the way of life embraced by the Himalayan nomads, who find tranquility and happiness amidst theirs detachment from the bustling outside world. Their lives, focused on the bare necessities, are a testament to the fact that true happiness lies not in abundance, but in finding joy in the simplest of things.


One look at the mighty landscape and towering snow-peaks, and we are mesmerized forever. Stunning mountains, dense temperate forests, dazzling snow that reflects the sunlight, deep alluring chasms, winding rivers, rich varied bio-diversity and innumerable legends; all these describe the incredible Himalayas.

‘Hima’ meaning ‘snow’ and ‘Alaya’ meaning ‘abode’ in Sanskrit, the mountains are a major part of the lives of Tibetans, Indians, Nepalis and many others who live in proximity to these grand mountains.

Be it the Shivaliks (the foothills of the mountains) or the highest peaks (Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga and others), the Himalayas have been an inspiration to artists, a fascination to travelers and a source of life to more than half the population on earth.

The mountain range is the source of 6 of Asia’s greatest rivers, including the Yangtze River, Yellow River, Indus and Ganges, Yarlung Tsangpo river & Mekong River. Billions depend on the great Himalayan basin for agriculture.


Home of Indians, Pakistani, Chinese, Tibetans, Nepalis, Bhutanese and many others who live in proximity to these grand mountains.


There are nearly 15000 glaciers in the mountain range; Forest ecosystems occupy over ⅔ of the landscape in the central Himalaya; The rich diversity of these forests harbours over 675 wild plant used for sustaining life.


Rose, Tuberose, Jasmine, Citrus, Sandalwood, Cedar wood and etc.



A free and independent creator, Bertrand Duchaufour is a renowned French master perfumer. For Bertrand, a fragrance is a genuine artistic creation that must always arouse sensory emotions.

Having visited the Himalayas many times over the past years in his life, the great mountain range remains to be one of his biggest inspirations.

“The Himalayas are the roof of our dreams and our spirituality. To me, it represents what we could be, even what we should be” – Bertrand Duchaufour



Barnabé Fillion is a French perfume designer. He trained in the art of perfumery having discovered a passion for blending fragrances and mixing aromas. For over a decade, Barnabé has been researching and composing fragrances using traditional craft-oriented methods. His creation for hima jomo uses natural botanical ingredients and is inspired by his numerous travels to the Himalayas since his teenage.

“I celebrate bringing the human scale towards a natural space through the Himalayan landscape, this is further explored by my use of spices for Tchai” – Barnabé Fillion.


Delphine is particularly passionate about the creation of fragrances using precious natural raw ingredients. In her workshop nestled in the heart of nature, she composed the fragrances of hima jomo’s first perfume collection from noble and original Himalayan raw materials, supplied by Maison Robertet, whose essential oils, resins, concretes and absolutes are chosen for their very high level of quality and their richness.

“I let my imagination wander over the splendours of nature in the Himalayas, one of the last wild territories in the world where nature offers its most diverse and beautiful features. I also wanted to convey the benevolent and spiritual dimension of this cradle of peoples with age-old traditions in my creation of the Seasons collection.” – Delphine Thierry.


hima jomo’s perfumes are slowly and faithfully handcrafted in Grasse, France.

They are made from more than 90% natural and organic ingredients, especially using some of the most exquisite Himalayan botanical plants. The entire product line is cruelty-free and made in recyclable packaging with minimum plastic, aiming to leave a lighter CO2 footprint to the environment.



The orientation of the texts on the bottle, vertical, like the original logo of the house, is inspired by the sacred texts – the mantras.

The cap is inspired by black clay – a material used in the daily life of highland nomads for thousands of years, and topped by the brand’s monogram – the ambigram of the brand’s initials “h” and “j”, modeled as a peak and a root coming from the sky and the earth to draw the forces of nature.



HIMA JOMO take its inspiration from Himalaya and pays back its tribute to the great mountain range.
Established in 2023 in Paris, the HIMA JOMO ASSOCIATION is the creation of HIMA JOMO. Its primary mission is to contribute to the preservation of the nature and cultural diversity of the Himalayas by establishing partnerships with charitable organisations operating in the region.

The initial projects:

  • Donation to WWF for Snow Leopard Preservation (2022 – 2023)
  • Collaboration with NEPAL EVERGREEN: Planting Trees for a Greener Future
  • “1 bottle = 1 tree in the Himalayas” (2023 – 2024)